Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I love You Gammpy

My grandpa passed away this morning. It happened around 9:30 am and he went peacefully.

He passed at his home.

I got their around 1. I think I may still be in shock...with everything that has happened in the past two weeks.

Its hard to think that he is gone. Its hard to think that at every family function he wont be there.

Its hit me, but it hasn't fully hit me.

I don't have much to say...

I love you Gammpy and now you are with Brian. Your birthday is February 26th...that's in about 2 days..

I will bring some golf balls to put in your coffin on Thursday. Maybe we can put a golf club in there? Hahahah, no I am kidding, but I might bring you some golf balls...seriously.

Okay now I sound batty. I just love you and I will drive past your grave every day I work at Naked Tchopstix...and I will visit you too.

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