Thursday, February 26, 2009


Today was his showing and there were so many people there! About every hour there was a new wave of people walking in. It was crazy and my feet are killing me.

The funny thing is that it was his birthday today. We got him a card from the kids and the grand kids and then we got him a card from my grandma to him. My mom gave him her hole in one ball and I gave him an old golf ball.

When we first got there I could see the top of his head from the casket. When it was the family's time to go in there and see him and make sure he looked okay before people came I couldn't do it.

I freaked out and started crying and sat in the "family" room until every sat down. I eventually went up to his casket but I couldn't look for long.

I feel like tomorrow I will have to wait until everyone has left to say goodbye to him.

Its just weird to think that he isn't going to be at family functions anymore.

Mehh. So tomorrow is his funeral.

It's funny, a certain someone has not called in his condolences. That little bitch. I guess he tried out for the family but was too much of a pussy. OH WELL.

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