Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stressed out and I didn't have a good day

I only got like...4 hours of sleep last night and had to work a double today.
Needless to say, I was really tired this morning.

Also, when I woke up the power had gone out...turns out it was lovely IPL shutting off my electricity because I had an outstanding balance. I have to pay $212 to get it turned back on which was what I had saved for Arizona trip at the end of this week.

I am really afraid I am not going to be able to go to Arizona because I wont have any money. I am supposed to be driving and haven't gotten my car all fixed up for this trip because I have had no money. The week my grandpa died, I didn't work at all so that just ate up all of my savings.

My ethics paper is due the day after I get back from Arizona when originally it wasn't due until April 6th. So now I have...three days to write a paper and I haven't written papers since I was in high school....almost 4 years ago. Wouldn't be such a big deal but I have to present in front of the class.

And as I was leaving to go back to work today, Carlton had put a piece of paper at my door saying that they would be in tomorrow from 9-5 to "inspect" my apartment. FUCKING AWESOME. I haven't had time to paint or clean anything. I also have cats that they don't know about so somehow I need to figure out how to hide them.

I have to take a text tonight that I will probably fail because I haven't done my reading.

Alot of this is my fault but some of it was kind of out of my hands.

I am so fucking stressed out and tired. I know I wont get to sleep early tonight because after I take my test I have to clean and start painting my house. Yes, I get to do this all by myself too! It would be cool if only the Carlton had let me know maybe...a week in advance??!?!?!

GAH!!!! :(

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